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Alexis Denisof's Omnicient Nexus of Idolatrous Simpatico's
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This is an unofficial fan site, created by a fan, for the fans, of Alexis Denisof.
No copyright infringements intended.
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04 Feb 2003
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Thank you, thank you.... no copyright infringements intended.... please don't sue....
  • Pictures : some screencaps were obtained from the Daily Caps site. These are clearly labelled with a Daily Caps footer. (This site has now been shut down....?)

  • All montages and graphics have been produced by myself (Lizzie).

  • Thanks to Su T for letting me 'pinch' the screen caps she did from Randall & Hopkirk.... (I've now got my own... )

  • Another great source for pictures is Bedlam, though I haven't used any of those on this site...

  • Background Information : some obtained from an article on the Watchers Web.

  • TV and Film Information : from the Internet Movie Database.

  • All program copyrights etc belong to whomever they belong to.

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