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Alexis Denisof's Omnicient Nexus of Idolatrous Simpatico's
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This is an unofficial fan site, created by a fan, for the fans, of Alexis Denisof.
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05 Jun 2003
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Site created mid March 2000.
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Welcome to ADONIS

This is my little site about actor Alexis Denisof, who has featured in such epics as Sharpe, Noah's Ark, True Blue, and much more besides.

He is perhaps best known now for his role as Wesley Wyndam-Price in the TV series Angel, the 'brother' show to Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

He's also appeared in a pop video ! Check the Myriad section for more details ! :-)

I hope you enjoy surfing this site. If you have any feedback you wish to share please contact me.


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