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This is an unofficial fan site, created by a fan, for the fans, of Alexis Denisof.
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Other Alexis Denisof related sites
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Alexis Denisof Sites
Bentley's Bedlam - includes pages on other actors aswell, such as Anthony Stewart Head. This site has an excellent gallery of screen captures, well worth a visit ... the first AD site?

Alexis Denisof - an unofficial site - good graphics, simple and neat to look at, very effective, lots of pages.

Alexis Denisof Devotees - a shrine where you can register as a devotee of Mr Denisof.

Wesley Wyndham-Price Sites
Defenders of Wesley - a site dedicated to Wesley, inspired by the Defenders of Wesley club at Yahoo!

Go Wes Go - a site dedicated to Wesley, with a variety of pages.

The Rogue Demon Hunter - a French language site devoted to Alexis/Wesley.

Watching Wesley - a shrine to Wesley Wyndham Price, including some fan fiction.

Web-Wide-Wesley - a slightly humerous look at the character of Wesley, and some pictures of Mr Denisof from other roles. One of the first sites to appear.

Wesleyan Aria - a site dedicated to Wesley, with fan fiction, a gallery, links etc.

Wesley Keepers - a shrine where you can nominate to keep or guard something of Wesley's.

YesWes - a shrine devoted to Wesley, including fan fiction.

Wildstar's Wesley Room - a shrine devoted to Wesley Wyndham Price.

Wesley Wyndam-Price Clubs
Defenders of Wesley - a Yahoo! club set up in frustration at the constant negativity towards Wesley. If you like the character of Wesley, and want to show your support, sign up... I have.. ! (over 200 members June 2001)
Wesley Wyndam-Price Lists
Rogue Demon Hunter - a pro-Wesley discussion list at eGroups... over 200 members (Dec 2000) ... including myself.. !
Buffy/Angel Sites
Angel Sites, Lists & Clubs
Angel Forvever - a general Angel - the series fan site. Nice graphics, lots of pages.

Angel's Night - a general Angel - the series fan site.

City of Angel - a general Angel - the series fan site. Nice format and easy to surf.

The UK Angel Society - a Yahoo! club for UK fans of Angel - the Series.

Buffy Sites, Lists & Clubs
Buffy Guide - a general Buffy site, focusing on episode guides, includes the Watchers Diary posting board. Professional format.

Pure Buffy - a site/list dedicated to Buffy Fan Fiction that does not include lots of sex and violence, suitable for younger teens. Includes a mailing list on eGroups.

Room 214 - a general Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan site, with a variety of pages.

Mixed Sites
One&Only - a site of links dedicated to player only sites.

Sonja Marie's Buffy URL's - lots (and lots) of Buffy and Angel related links, including a section for Alexis/Wesley.

*The Underdogs - a site dedicated to the 'underdog' characters on BTVS and Angel... Wesley, Riley and Tara. *Sign up as a 'Rogue Demon'...

Watchers Web - a general UK Buffy and Angel fan site. Professional format, and has some articles on Mr Denisof.

Angelic Boys - a web site devoted to the boys of Buffy and Angel

The WB - the main Warner Brothers site. With pages for Buffy and Angel.

Other Sites
New Sector14 - the web site for the conventions run by sector14, which include Buffy/Angel themed weekends of fun and frolic, and generally lot's of alcohol.... and details about the 'Nosferatu' nights held regularly at Pages Bar, Westminster, London.

Great Faces - a web site listing links to sites devoted to actors and their characters.

Lesley Currie's Montage's - some fab montages from Buffy and Angel, including some of Wesley, and a few of other actors/characters from other shows...

Official First Knight site - the official site for the movie First Knight, in which Mr Denisof played Sir Gaheris. I didn't notice his name actually mentioned anywhere.

Visual Imagination - the web site for the magazine group. Cult Times, Xpose, Starburst, TV Zone, Shivers etc etc.

Any sites that were added at the last update will have New next to them.
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