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21 Jan 2002
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What has Alexis been up to?
So what does he do when he's not filming 'Angel'.....
The latest...
September 2001
Alexis and Alyson have filmed for a US show called Celebrity Adventures. They went to Papua New Ginea, and were required to don loin cloths and war paint... :-) When I first saw the picture of them all done up, I couldn't help but giggle... ;-) It's unlikely to air outside of the US, so I'll have to see if I can persuade someone to video it for me. To see a picture of them, try Elusio's
Unofficial Site.
July 2001
Alexis, Alyson and Angel star David Boreanaz were spotted at the 75th birthday party of Playboy's Hugh Hefner. The party was a pyjama party, and there are pictures on the Playboy site, if you dare to surf on over.... Alexis and Alyson were also spotted at the MTV Movie Awards.

June 2001
There have been reports that Alexis and Alyson have been in the UK earlier this month. He has also appeared on some US TV shows, the latest being The Test. If you ever steal his lunch..... look out! :-)

February 2001
Mr Denisof attended the Posting Board Party again this year, and was spotted 'play tussling' with fellow co-star J.August Richards.

August 2000
There have been reports that a number of actors, etc, have been assisting with the construction of a house for an underprivaledged family. It is a charity arrangement with a number of sources, including Warner Brothers. Members of the Buffy and Angel casts were amongst those helping.

July 2000
Jumping to conclusions from a picture in Cult Times, it seems Mr Denisof attended the premier of MI:2. He looks very suave and 'Pierce Brosnan' in his dark suit with casual open collared shirt....

June 2000
With Alyson Hannigan in the UK doing interviews etc, Alexis has been mentioned by her, and was spotted coming out of the London Dungeons with her. He has kept a very low profile (and has been watching the football (soccer) whilst here, apparently...). [addition - in another interview with AH she apparently mentions that he had been choreographing some fight scenes for a production of Hamlet at the Globe Theatre, which they went to watch.]

Early 2000
Mr Denisof was spotted attending the opening of a new WB restaurant in Vegas.

February 2000
Alexis attended the Posting Board Party 2000 with Ms Hannigan earlier this year. There are various sites with pictures on.

January 2000
Mr Denisof attended the 'Sizzlin Sixteen 2000' party earlier this year with Alyson Hannigan. There were some pictures on the
Eonline site.

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