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Other work by Alexis Denisof
He gets about a bit.... he's even been in a pop video... :-)
Pop Video (1987)
If you've surfed the Bedlam site, you'll probably know about this.... It seems that Mr Denisof, in his early twenties, appeared in a 'pop video'... I am actually old enough to remember the song, and did like it at the time, and still do. It's a catchy number by former Beatle, George Harrison, entitled 'I've got my mind set on you'. The song was released around 1987. There are a few screen caps from the video on the Bedlam site. He looks well cute peeking round the corner of the 'cabinet' :-) If I recall the gist of the song and video correctly, Mr Denisof was required to 'stalk' a girl around an amusement arcade, trying to pluck up the courage to 'chat her up'... or something like that...
Ghost Cop (1998)
Mr Denisof featured in a pilot for a would-be TV series called 'Ghost Cop' in 1998. Unfortunately the program didn't get picked up...
Batman Beyond (2001)
Mr Denisof has featured in a cartoon series of Batman, called Batman Beyond. He does the voice of an English villain called Zander.... Episodes 3.10 and 3.11, The Curse of the Kobra.
Celebrity Adventures (2001)
Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan have participated in a show that follows various celebrities on various trips around the world. 'Our' duo visited some tribesmen in Papua New Ginea, donned some war paint, and spent the night in their rather primative village. They also swam with dolphins, and visited some former cannibals. (E!online)
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