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21 Jan 2002
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What's happening in the world of 'Alexis Denisof'...? Someone tell me.... please...?
Alexis updates...

October 2001

Alexis and Alyson have appeared in a US E! program called 'Celebrity Adventures' in which they donned war paint and swam with dolphins.

UK Merchandise...

January 2002

Angel Season 2 DVD should be out soon.

Many places seem to be holding a 'buy one get one free' deal on all Buffy and Angel VHS box sets.

To advance order for discount, or buy other Buffy and Angel videos, try Blackstar's Buffy Zone. (UK PAL format / Sterling prices)

Other video's available that feature Alexis Denisof include:-

'The Misadventures of Margaret',

'Rogue Trader',

'Sharpe's Justice',

'Sharpe's Revenge',

and 'Sharpe's Waterloo'.

Still no sign of any posters or pictures for sale yet, sigh...

Site updates...

January 2002

I think I am nearly there with tweeking the design.

I have added some montages to the Buffy gallery, and set up a Misadventures of Margaret gallery. I have also added a couple of new eTrading Card graphics aswell.

I have also changed the Postingboard link from the 50megs corkboard to the EZboard.

Other bits

November 2001

One of the episodes from season 3 Angel has got some of Alexis' fans saying he should get an Emmy... I haven't seen the ep myself yet, but it sounds pretty awesome. Keep an eye out for it, it's entitled 'Billy'. With the two Buffy eps slated for Emmys, one of which never even got nominated, and receiving nothing, I guess we shouldn't hold our breath that Alexis, and the writers, will get the recognition they deserve....

Fan updates...

Support for the character of Wesley in 'Angel - the series', is still growing at a nice steady pace.

The Rogue Demon Hunter list at eGroups has over 200 members!

And the Defenders of Wesley club at Yahoo! was up to over 200 members when I last checked. Which puts them in the top ten 'Angel' clubs at Yahoo!

There are also new fan sites appearing. I'll keep adding them to the links page as I find out about them.

If you have any comments about the design of this site please feel free to let me know. What works? What doesn't?

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